The 3G IPhone – 1 Week And Counting

Posted on Jun 8 2008 - 1:36am by Richard Sharp

Apple iPhoneIt’s always pleasant to pontificate on Steve Jobs’s keynote speech. Apple has a history of causing a stir during the Worldwide Developers Conference, with the iPhone the most recent example of this. The world was taken aback by the announcement of the first version of the iPhone and it is widely accepted that the 3G iPhone will be the major talking point this year.

The release of a 3G version of the handset has brought with it numerous rumours. Solar cells stored behind the screen of the iPhone in order to partially power the unit may be several years away yet, but it looks probable thanks to the patent that has been filed. However, many expect the new iPhone to include GPS and offer improvements in its design.

It is seen as an opportunity for the iPhone to break into new world markets, including the Asian market where a lot of handset owners already have 3G handsets. Because of the unwillingness to downgrade to a 2G, Apple has not managed to break the Japanese market to anywhere near the same extent that they have taken on the rest of the world.

Whatever Steve Jobs will announce next week you can be sure the world will be waiting with baited breath. The iPhone is unlikely to be the only “surprise” awaiting us either.

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