The £5 Million Apple iPad 2 that’s 75 million Years Old

Posted on Mar 23 2011 - 1:28pm by Richard Sharp

The Apple iPad 2 is still two days away from launch in the UK but this hasn’t stopped Stuart Hughes getting hold of two of the tablets and giving them a somewhat gaudy makeover. Despite looking like a cross between a tortoise shell hairgrip and oil slick on the front this bad boy will set you back £5,000,000 – yes £5 million!

What makes it so special? I hear you ask. This limited edition iPad 2 comes with a solid gold 24 carat back complete with 24ct diamond encrusted logo – impressive looking and when you consider it adds 2,000 grams to the iPad’s weight a little heavy too!

But that’s not the most impressive part because the bezel on the front is made of 75 million year old Ammolite sourced from Canada with shavings of bone from a genuine T-Rex Skeleton. There is also 8.5ct flawless diamond in place on the traditional home button.

In total the new exterior adds a staggering 2,807 grams to the overall weight of the iPad 2 and costs £499341 more than the top end tablet too. Only two of these iPad’s have been made, presumably T-Rex bones and giant diamonds are hard to come by these days ;-).

At least the lines to pick one of these up will be shorter than the ones at 5PM on Friday, any takers?

Via: Geeky Gadgets

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