The $6m Home Theatre System!

Posted on May 30 2008 - 1:39pm by Richard Sharp

The $6m Home Entertainment SystemHaving watched the Gadget Show on 5 the other night, it got me thinking about the most ridiculously priced set of speakers money can buy. To be honest I gave up my search feeling rather inadequate and forlorn but I did find a collection of some of the most ridiculous, over the top, and plain silly home theatre/video gaming rigs imagined. And, damn, do I want one.

The audiovideointeriors blog contains a showcase of some of the finest amateur (I use that word alarmingly) and professional set ups. You can even choose by budget (a sliding scale from one $ symbol to 3 $ symbols – obviously, I plumped for the three).

One such rig, dubbed “the greatest show on earth” contains a staggering 16 subs, 8 tower speakers, 10 super tweeters, and 3 centre channel speakers. We haven’t even touched on the 35 amplifiers that have been employed.

The screen measures 18ft by 10ft and is used to display images from the Sony professional video projector. It has just about every conceivable form of media player including a Sony Blu-Ray player, Toshiba HD DVD player, SATA Drive, DVD/CD Media Player, Laserdisc Player, oh and a Sony PS3 for good measure.

You would need to invest approximately £3m in order to buy a rig like this. Plus, there’s the expense of finding a house big enough with very understanding neighbours. If you are interested you can visit the Kipnis Studio website for more details (clearly not a £6m budget on the website, unfortunately).

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