The 8MP Camera Phone Coming Soon – Love Sony Ericsson

Posted on Jun 15 2008 - 12:05am by Richard Sharp

5MP? That Is Soooo Last WeekThe 17th has been earmarked as a major day in the history of camera phones and Sony Ericsson lovers because it’s the day when the world will ask whether there’s any point in an 8MP camera phone but then rush out and buy one anyway, just to say that they’ve got one.

In all honesty, there’s very little reason that anybody would even require a 5MP camera phone. Typically, we go snap happy until the memory card’s full, then delete 75% of the pictures leaving only the keepers. We then repeat a diminished version of the process until the card’s full or we completely lose interest.

Very occasionally we may find the time and take a decent enough shot to forward it to somebody else’s mobile phone. However, the chances of ever printing a picture, or even downloading it to the PC are, for the average user, about as likely as Microsoft announcing that it’s next operating system will be completely open source.

But that doesn’t stop us wanting the phone that boasts the biggest numbers and the most impressive (although essentially useless) features. And, finally, to the point of this post – there’s a lot of murmurs doing the rounds that Sony Ericsson will be unveiling the first 8MP camera phone during a press release of several new toys on Tuesday.

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