The Apple iPad to Receive The Daily News App Shortly

Posted on Jan 11 2011 - 10:18pm by Richard Sharp

Word about the linkup between the iPad and Rupert Murdoch’s News Corporation to provide a fresh news service on the Apple tablet has been around for a while now.

The general idea is that a news publication designed specifically for the iPad and called The Daily will come along to change the way that we receive information on our tablets, and will also bring in a new way of billing which could alter our future payment methods through Apple.

Now it seems that the 19th of January is the date to note down, because it appears that The Daily is going to be launched on that date in the US.

The information we have suggests that a group of 100 News Corporation workers have been doing a trial run of content for a select band of 1,000 hand-picked readers. The final package is going to gather together news and information from a wide range of sources and package it all together in a daily newspaper style format sent straight to your iPad.

The launch date has come from a News Corp leak and no official word has been forthcoming either from Murdoch’s media company or from Apple.

With regards the price, most people are of the opinion that there will be a weekly charge of 99 cents and that Apple have been working on updating their Apple store billing system to cover this. You won’t need to pay it every week, as the system will do this for you. This change in the way of paying Apple will pave the way for further products which use this recurring method of billing. 

 The most believable launch rumour has Rupert Murdoch and Steve Jobs announcing The Daily on stage together as the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art on the date mentioned earlier.

Source: The Guardian

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