The Apple iPhone 4S UK Prices Revealed

Posted on Oct 9 2011 - 5:07pm by Thomas Sharp

There isn’t long to wait for the Apple iPhone 4S to hit the UK high streets, but will your budget stretch to letting you get hold of a model from the latest generation of this cracking phone? Here are the details of the UK prices which have been confirmed so far.

The Basic iPhone Price

The phone itself has been priced at a £499 for the model with 16GB. For 32GB and 64GB you will need deeper pockets, as they come in at £599 and £699 respectively.


The first of the UK networks to launch its iPhone 4S plan was Orange. You can get a 16GB for nothing if you are happy to pay £46 a month over two years. This gets you 1200 minutes, an unlimited number of text messages and a 750MB of monthly data usage. If you need less minutes then £31 a month gives you 200 of them plus 500MB and 200 texts. You need to pay £170 up front for the 16GB phone with this deal.

Three Mobile

Here you get the handset free on a 2 year £43 per month offer. 900 minutes, 1GB and 5000 texts included.


Their main two year contract is very similar to the Orange one but will leave you with a few extra pennies jangling in your pocket.


With Vodafone you can get a 2 year contract with 100 minutes, 500 messages and 250MB of data for the princely sum of £26 each month. The handset will cost an upfront £359 for the 16GB model and an eye watering £519 for the 64GB job.

What do you think of these deals? Do you think they are too expensive or are they tempting enough for you to splash out a smart new phone as soon as the 4S is launched here?

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  1. woolm110 October 9, 2011 at 5:15 pm - Reply

    I've found Vodafone the cheapest (except three!) if you buy the 16GB iPhone 4s on a 24 month contract it'll cost you £41 a month for 900 Minutes, Unlimited texts and 750mb (with 3 months free data test drive). The phone is £59 but if you order now Vodafone are giving you £59 back so effectively the phone is free!

    Add on top of that £40 cashback from quidco and it'll come to £944 for two years which isn't bad for a well established network, three are good but I've found their signal to fluctuate in the past..

    If you're lucky enough to be a student as well (I am :D) you can knock an extra 10% off your tariff a month bringing the total cost down to £845.60, pretty good deal if you ask me!!

  2. jon October 9, 2011 at 9:00 pm - Reply

    giffgaff tarrifs are the best if you can buy the phone up front from apple. 10 quid a month fon 30 day contract or unlimited data and texts and 250 mins in the O2 network is pretty damn reasonable nowerdays.

  3. fxgeorges October 10, 2011 at 7:58 am - Reply

    The US price tags are what you pay alongside a contract fee with AT&T (as I understand it).
    The UK price Apple announced today is for an UNLOCKED Sim-free iphone 4 – which a lot of people would be tempted by. No contract to stick to for 18/24months at least. Hell, if I had £600 upfront I'd probably prefer to pay that lump sum than £50 a month for 24 months!

    There's about a 5% increase, when you take into acount the contract fee for AT&T on top of the price tags you quoted above. Nothing new – International companies do this quite a lot. F**k all you can do about that mate, but it's not as excessive as everyone sees. You just need to do some reading and work out the maths 😉

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