The Archos Content Portal

Posted on Jun 3 2008 - 9:56pm by Richard Sharp

Archos Content PortalThe Archos Content Portal (ACP) is a content marketplace that enables Archos media player owners to download music, TV content, and video content directly to their portable devices. Partnerships with a number of content providers means that ACP users have quick and easy access to a varied range of media.

If you use a WiFi enabled Archos portable media player you can download content directly to your portable device without having to go through a PC or other device. The ACP website is designed especially for use by Archos WiFi owners and has been optimised to offer the best mobile experience.

New additions are being made to the service, which have recently included video games that can be downloaded and played either directly on the Archos portable device or on a Television using the PMP as a sort of mobile games console. According to one report, there are some huge names also being lined up to be a part of the Content Portal.

According to the Archosfans website several high profile names including Best Buy, Circuit City, Amazon, AOL, YouTube, and more are listed in a provider.xml file in the system folder of the Archos. These are obviously major content providers that would represent a huge amount of content to ACP users.

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