The Asus G70 Gaming Laptop

Posted on Jun 22 2008 - 5:07pm by Richard Sharp

Asus G70 Gaming LaptopAlienware, now owned by Dell, and Voodoo have long been the gaming PC and laptop manufacturers of choice for those with an incredible budget while Asus has perhaps been best known for its ultra affordable Eee PC range. However, they have also created some incredible gaming laptops of their own and one is winging its way to the UK now… finally. How will it fare in battle?

The G70 gaming laptop is pretty much as powerful as you want, and reassuringly expensive to boot with prices ranging from around £1,800 to £2,000 incl VAT and depending on whether or not you want a Blu Ray burner.

It won’t struggle running any and all of the most recent games with Intel Core 2 Duo or Extreme processors, and twin 512MB graphics cards from Nvidia. It also includes up to 4GB of RAM so you can run pretty much as many applications as you like and have a couple of games pacing away in the background too without any lag.

Dual hard drives, wi-fi connection, an optional blu-ray burner, inclusive 2MP camera, and bluetooth connection top off what is a really serious piece of kit. If you’re into gaming and you want something other than the Area 51 Alienware stuff then take a serious look at the Asus.


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