The Bathroom Scales That Tell You What to Do

Posted on Sep 5 2013 - 5:58pm by Paul

Bathroom scales, eh? You’ve just got to hate them. After all, you spend all day trying to shed a few pounds and then the scales just ignore all your hard work and give you the bad news without a second thought. If only they could work a bit harder for us and give us some useful ideas.

Well, the good news is that there are now scales which at least try and do more than depress us with cold, hard facts. They have been made by Hammacher Schlemmer and when they tell you your current weight they also suggest some exercises you could do to whip yourself into better shape.

157 Different Exercise Routines

scalesThe device works out your metabolic rate and recommended daily calorie usage. It then gives you a suggestion from one of the 157 different exercises activities stored in it in order to keep you trim.

These bathroom scales are on sale at $100, which works out at about £64. If the whole family is going to be using the scales to control their weight then you can use the multi user function which allows a maximum of 4 people to keep their details in it.

Some of the activities suggested by the scales are a jog of 20 minutes or a half hour swim. You can save up to 5 favourite exercises in the machine’s memory and enjoy doing some keep fit activities while keeping a track on your weight.

Would you be happy using a set of bathroom scales as your personal trainer?


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