The BBC iPlayer for iPhone and iPad Next Month

Posted on Jan 28 2011 - 1:38am by Matt Jackson

It seems ages since we first thought that the BBC iPlayer was going to be hitting our Apple iPad and iPhone screens in the near future. Now it looks as though the next few weeks are finally going to see it happen.

It was not far off this time last year that we first heard mention of this app being in the pipeline, and six months since the BBC Trust gave it the definitive corporate thumbs up. So what’s been happening since then?

Well, quite a lot it seems, as reports suggest that by the end of February you will be able to get your hands on this juicy little app in the App Store.

It still isn’t 100% clear what functions the BBC iPlayer will have on it but it should be fairly safe to picture something not a million miles away from the iPlayer site. A big dose of social networking links and integration would also seem to be a good bet.  It is expected to be available only to UK users and that a future service for people who live abroad will come out later in the year on a subscription only basis.

So that will be Apple smartphone and tablet users sorted out before spring starts to blossom, but what about the Android owning public? There are no signs of any developments in this respect, and with the BBC cutting back big time on their digital services we certainly won’t be holding our breath for it.    

We have been waiting for the BBC iPlayer for the iPhone and iPad for a very long time, and that sometimes leads to eventual disappointment so let’s just hope that it delivers everything we expect it to and that it does actually get released next month.

Will it be worth the wait?

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