The BBC to Offer a Music Steaming Service Soon?

Posted on Oct 5 2012 - 10:13pm by Robert

If you are a big fan of the BBC and you like to listen to music then there could be some good news heading your way in the next few months.

The word on the street is that the Beeb plan to follow up the success of its iPlayer online service with a music streaming service similar to that offered already by sites such as Spotify, Napster and suchlike. It is believed that it is going to be called Playlister and if it gets off the ground then internet users could potentially listen for free to any of the thousands of music tracks which are in the company’s famously giant archives.

Teaming Up with an Existing Service?

It has been reported by The Daily Telegraph that the BBC is in talks with existing music streaming services and this makes sense, as there would certainly be a lot of time and expense needed in order to get something like this off the ground from scratch. This means that teaming up with an existing provider could let them get going a lot more easily and without having to sort out the messy issues such as rights. It could also mean that there are fewer complaints about the BBC using taxpayer’s money to take on private sector rivals.

It has been suggested that Tim Davie, who is the director of audio and music at the BBC, is the man who has been asked to head up the project. The early predictions suggest that Playlister could be with us as soon as the turn of the year.

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