The BenQ GP1 Micro LCD Projector

Posted on May 20 2009 - 10:08am by Richard Sharp

BenQ GP1 Micro LCD ProjectorBenQ has unveiled a hugely impressive little projector that, despite being one of the smallest around, still manages to pack a very good range of decent features and capabilities into its petite little shell. In terms of size, it weight a rather pathetic 640g and will most definitely fit into the palm of your hand although we strongly suggest that you find somewhere else to rest it or you’re still going to get arm ache after watching an entire series of Prison Break or Heroes.

Boasting the capability to project images of up to 80” in size, the BenQ GP1 mini LED projector offers a 2W internal speaker and uses LED in place of the typical lamp arrangement. It runs directly from your media players and handheld devices with no need for a PC to be attached (hence the need for its own built in speaker). Auto play modes and auto keystone are joined by other useful features like wall colour correction (I think it corrects the colour of the display image rather than physically correcting the colour of your wall).

Standard inputs include USB, composite, and D-Sub and if you want to use your video capable iPod or iPhone then you can also get the optional docking station that will let you. It’s slated to hit the shelves next month over here and it’ll cost you just shy of £499 which really isn’t that bad when you compare it to the price of a decent size and decent quality plasma or LCD TV.

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