The Big Bang 2 – Big Bang’s Revenge

Posted on Sep 12 2008 - 4:58am by Richard Sharp

Large Hadron ColliderAs far as experiments go, the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) in Switzerland has had its doubters and its detractors. The fact that it’s taken two years longer to complete and cost four times as much as originally planned. To make matters worse for the Cern run project, there’s been all sorts of doomsday theories that threw around terms like “killer strangelet” that would essentially result in the end of the world.

The switch on, which occurred yesterday was said to have gone well and the very existence of somebody to say so is a positive sign in itself. The LHC is designed to answer a multitude of long wondered questions including what mass is. The result of firing protons at one another at vastly highly speeds is to recreate the moments immediately after the big bang.

A 27km long tunnel houses over 1,000 cylindrical magnets from end to end and “fires” protons at slightly less than the speed of light, eventually causing them to collide. On collision, various different sensors will measure and analyse data concerning the matter and dark matter that is generated. Granted that’s a very basic explanation of the whole stargate program, but the good news is the world didn’t end.

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