The Black Hole Machine Hacked

Posted on Sep 16 2008 - 3:39am by Richard Sharp

Large Hadron Collider HackedConsidering the amount of potentially bad publicity that accompanied the Large Hadron Collider and how it would apparently spell the end of the world via a small black hole the news that it was hacked the other night is more than a little concerning. Fortunately, though, while Cern apparently don’t have much idea regarding computer security they’re already well practised at brushing aside problems and attempting to set the public’s mind at ease.

Cern said that the Greek Security Team of hackers managed to hack into a computer that is connected to main network and then left a message on the organisation’s home page. They also said that it had done no damage and had been little more than a nuisance but that it had highlighted the need for computer security (no, really?).

You’d think with the ridiculous amount of investment that has gone into creating the LHC that they could have afforded a twelve month Norton subscription or something. At the very least there’s a number of free, open source applications that do a perfectly admirable job for budgets of any size.

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