The BlackBerry 10 At Last

Posted on Feb 6 2013 - 7:48pm by Robert

The wait is now over for anyone who has been patiently sitting around expecting news of the new BlackBerry 10 phone.

The first couple of handsets have now been shown and are the 10 and the Q10. The Z10 is the model with the bigger screen of the two, boasting as it does a 4.2 inch touchscreen. The Q10, on the other hand, has a 3.1 inch screen and a physical keyboard.

The UK market has been targeted as the first to get the phones and a lot is riding on it for the firm producing them.

You may remember that the new BlackBerry operation system was means to have been released in 2012 but we are finally about to see it now and other countries will soon follow, with Canada and the UAE getting the Z10 sometime in February and the US a month later.

A Risky Strategy

blackberryThorsten Heins is the chief executive of BlackBerry and he said that a couple of years ago they had to decide whether or not to use another company’s platform or build a new one by themselves. Of course, they decided to go it alone and these new phones are the first fruits of that labour.

The phones were shown to the world at a press conference in New York and Heins confirmed that they knew that the idea of bringing out a completely new platform was “risky”.

The BlackBerry share of the phone market has dropped substantially in the last couple of years and some experts see these new phones as a last attempt to regain the ground which they have lost.

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