The Chrome Styled Gaming Pad

Posted on Aug 25 2008 - 6:36pm by Richard Sharp

Hope You Enjoy Polishing Your JoystickWhile developers like Sony and Microsoft are constantly trying to appeal to the older and apparently more affluent generation of gamers (namely, those with jobs and their own income) the design of consoles and peripherals certainly seem more plastic than anything we would typically chuck in the front room next to all the chrome finish devices.

The same is also true of PC gaming, although there’s obviously less requirement to stick your PC gaming pad next to the TV unless you really want everything in one place. Dream Cheeky, a Chinese manufacturer, has developed a chrome finish gaming pad that is compatible with both PC and Mac computers and looks infinitely more stylish than the usual fare – it’s almost good enough to put in the display cabinet in fact.

As ever, little is really known about the device except that it looks good and it was made in China. Details are available on the Dream Cheeky website and more news will most certainly be forthcoming should it prove to be a decent product. Of course, it may prove to be a bit cold on the fingertips until you’ve warmed with a couple of hours playing the upcoming GTA IV release on PC. Also, fingerprints are going to be enough of a problem that it will bring a whole new meaning to the term “polishing your joystick”.

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