The Clip on Tie Cooler for Fresher Days at Work

Posted on Oct 5 2013 - 1:08pm by Robert

Summer might have come and gone yet again but what if you still get a bit hot under the collar at work? Anyone who has to wear a shirt and tie to work knows that this kind of gear can result in feeling a hot and sticky by the end of the working day.

Who is going to help you have a happier and cooler time while you in your office working away? That’s right; Japanese inventors of weird gadgets.

From the Land of the Rising Sun comes the USB powered necktie clip cooler. It is sold online for $32, which works out as about £20, and has got to be cheaper than buying a huge amount of deodorant every week.  But what it is? Basically, it’s a tiny little fan which is attached to a clip which attaches to your tie.

Plug It In and Cool Down

coolYou can power up your tie clip cooler with a battery pack which contains 3 AA batteries. However, even more interesting is the fact that you can plug it straight into your USB and enjoy some wafts of cool air while you are sitting at your desk. It only weighs 28 grams and sounds like it could be ideal for keeping you cool while you look smart and professional at work.

Of course, once the temperature starts to plunge later in the year you’ll want a necktie clip heater. We’ll keep an eye out for one for you.

Would you wear one of these mini coolers to work?

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