The Clockwork Desk By Dale Mathis

Posted on Jun 19 2008 - 1:38am by Richard Sharp

The Clockwork DeskLike something from Bioshock, Gizmodo has details of a clockwork desktop with working internal mechanism. The brain child of Dale Mathis is shaped kind of like a red tipped butterfly and although you won’t be able to pick it up from your average mail order catalogue you can have one hand made for around £10,000.

I’m not entirely sure what the mechanism is powering, or indeed what it could be used to power, but I guess that isn’t the point because the clockwork desk is a fully functioning piece of art. When you pay the premium you can have your very own design and form, which will certainly help ensure that it works in any office regardless of design.

On the functional side, this might be one seriously fancy desk, but it also has a mouse and keyboard drawer so you don’t have to clutter the top with too much. It would, after all, be a shame to mask the mechanism with peripherals as well as numerous notepads, post it notes, a pen tray, and the desktop toys that your kids buy your father’s day when they can’t think of anything else to get.

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