The Details of Facebook Home

Posted on Apr 10 2013 - 6:23pm by Thomas Sharp

You may have heard rumours of the Facebook Phone before now but finally we know what it is about. It is actually called Facebook Home and it isn’t a real phone or even an operating system.

Facebook Home is a social network dedicated home screen for Android phones which will change the way you interact with your phone.

When you switch on your phone you will see a Coverfeed, which is a shortened version of your usual News Feed. This will cover the entire screen and will replace the usual home screen and lock screen. This part of the application will include some ads in it.

Constant Updates
facebook-home-android-modelsAs the day goes on you will see updates appearing on your phone’s screen to let you know what is happening with all of your buddies. New links, new photos and status updates will all pop up on your Android’s screen. You will then be able to swipe to move between the updates and just double tap to like.

Another interesting feature include being able to zoom out of any photo you like using tap and hold before adding a comment by tapping again. However, perhaps the feature we will hear most about in the feature is called Chatheads. It might not have a great name but this feature lets you see little images of your friends’ head and you can easily switch between them to see chat conversations.

Facebook Home will be out in a week and apparently it is going to be released in a tablet version later in 2013. We can also expect software updates every month and the screenshots which have been given out for the first version look pretty good.

Will you be switching over to Facebook Home?


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