The EliptiGO Running Bike – Get Fit, Look Daft, Spend A Fortune

Posted on Jul 14 2010 - 10:58am by Matt Jackson

Following on from yesterday’s piece about the bendable bike that aims to cut down on storage space and bike theft, here’s another quirky (and we’re being kind there) bike idea. The developer is actually an Iron Man competitor so we’re not going to say too much against the EliptiGO except that we don’t think the take up rate will be all that phenomenal. The bike is designed to give you the workout of running without the high impact and possibility of injury associated with it.

Even the best design of shoe and the most expensive equipment can’t prevent the repeated impact injuries that are associated with regular running. Pounding the pavement every day can prove ultimately bad for the body but it is also a method of exercise that really generates results so finding a happy medium could ensure that you stay fit and stay healthy at the same time.

The EliptiGO aims to do exactly that.

The position of the EliptiGO bike is such that it positions riders out of the saddle. This means that you can put your weight and greater effort into generating torque with every step that you take. There are two pedals, one on either side of the frame, and by using these in a simialr way to a step or cross training machine you propel the bike forwards (hopefully).

The EliptiGO running bike is out in America and costs a quite high $2,200 and we’re fairly sure it will also create something of a stir as you fly past pedestrians at speeds of up to 25mph. Eight gears and brakes on the handlebars will be useful too and it’s worth considering that this definitely more of a workout machine than a method of convenient and effortless transport.

Would you fork out the equivalent of about £1,400 on a novelty running/cycling machine?

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  1. MLB August 7, 2010 at 4:51 pm - Reply

    I think you are seriously underestimating the viability and interest in this product.

    For MANY many older folks (I'm 51) we simply can't run anymore due to joint problems that can't take the beating.

    I ride 5 days a week for fitness and would LOVE to be able to cross train by running.


    WIth this, I COULD.

    There is a lot of interest here in the US and the intial batch sold out quickly (or so they say).

    I'm waiting for some real owner reivews and some mileage put on to see if there are any quirks that need attention or I would have a down payment in already.

    $2200 is a lot of money, but have you priced nice bikes lately? (NO difference)

    And if it keeps you out of ONE hospital visit by staying fit, it will have paid for itself MANY times over.


  2. Lynn July 6, 2011 at 10:13 pm - Reply

    A friend of mine runs a bike store and brought one home for all of us to try out. Let me tell you there are some safety issues. The turning radius and the handle bars themselves make for a dangerous ride. I have cracked ribs another friend has a sprained ankle.

    ride with caution

  3. kvb July 19, 2011 at 5:31 pm - Reply

    I am from Germany and just got my first one. It is awesome! I love it. It is good fun for me (the none performer) and my husband (the sport freak) at the same time. I just do it in my own time, but my husband (also a runner) enjoys the workout just as much. I don't know why people are so critical about things they havn't tried themselves.

  4. doitalldiva September 9, 2011 at 6:22 pm - Reply

    I think it looks interesting. Seriously who wants to sit on a bike seat??? Of course I'd rather have a recumbant bike, but this still has potential. Any product has potential to cause injury if caution isn't used, though.

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