The Facebook Photo Messaging App You Weren’t Meant to Know About

Posted on Jun 18 2014 - 10:02am by Paul

So, Facebook is going to bring out a new photo-messaging app, is it?

We know this not because of a press conference that they held or because of a press release they issued. Oh no, we need about this app because they put it on release in the Apple App Store by mistake. Thankfully, some people took screenshots of it before the error was spotted and it was taken off the site.

It is called Slingshot and when it is properly released the app will allow users to share photos and videos with friends and to send them reaction shots. It will work in the same way as Snapchat in that the photos are automatically deleted upon sending and can be typed or drawn upon.

They Can’t Deny It Now


The existence of the app has been confirmed by Facebook. Well, they couldn’t really deny it, could they? They haven’t yet advised when it is going to be formally released.

One unusual aspect of the new app that has caused a lot of curiosity if that it looks to have an unlocking mechanism built into it. This appears to mean that when you received a photo from a friend you need to unlock it by sending them a photo.

The Facebook statement pointed out that they had “accidentally released” a new app that they’re “working on”. They didn’t give a release date but they did say that it will be “ready soon”.

Last year the social media giant was reported to have failed in a $3bn bill for Snapchat, having bought Instagram for $1bn the previous year. They have also attempted to produce their own image messaging app in the past, with the failed Poke app.

Would you give this new photo sharing app a try?

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