The First African Smartphone on Its Way

Posted on Jan 7 2013 - 9:27pm by Robert

If you are in Africa or planning to go there anytime soon then maybe you will be tempted to try out the new African smartphone and tablet.

These are the first products of this type which have been designed by an African company and it will be interesting to see how successful they are.

The phone and tablet are made in China but they have been designed by Verone Mankou from the Congo. They are to be released under the VMK name and the price is going to be the equivalent of £105 for the phone and £185 for the tablet. There is also an intention to bring out a cheaper model of the tablet for students in the next year.

They will both run on the Google Android platform and the tablet will give 4 GB of internal storage space and wi-fi capability. The name of the tablet is reported as being Way-C. The smartphone is going to offer both rear and front cameras and will come with a 3.5 inch screen.

Looking to Become Huge in Africa

vmkMr Mankou was speaking recently at the Tech4Africa conference which was held in Johannesburg.  He said that while Apple and Samsung are huge in the US and Asia respectively he wants to se VMK become huge in Africa.

The idea is to sell them in a variety of West African countries but you should also find them up for sale in other countries such as France, Belgium and India.

The VMK products will be up again some tough continent on the African continent and the makers clearly hope that the fact that they are designed and engineered in Africa will count for them against rivals with more of a foreign background.

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