The Ford Technology That Stops You Breaking the Speed Limit

Posted on Mar 25 2015 - 8:36pm by Robert

Breaking the speed limit while driving is something that we would definitely rather avoid. However, it is all too easy to let your car creep over the limit without even noticing. If only there was some sort of gadget to help with that.

Well, thanks to new technology from Ford it is now possible to forget about keeping one eye on the speedometer and the other on the speed limit signs.

The system is called Intelligent Speed Limiter and it works using a camera that is mounted on the windscreen. This camera scans traffic signs that you pass and then adjusts the speed of the car accordingly.

Set Your Maximum Speed Before Leaving Home


In fact, before you even set off from home you can use the controls on the steering wheel to set the maximum speed. For example, you can say before you leave home that you don’t want to go over 70mph. As you pass traffic signs and enter new speed zones the Ford technology will automatically ensure that the vehicle adjusts its speed.

The way in which it works is not by applying the brakes but rather by reducing the flow of fuel to the car’s engine. If you are going downhill and need to reduce your speed then you will hear an alarm sound, advising you that it is time to use the brakes to lower your speed.

The fact that Ford’s Intelligent Speed Limiter comes with integrated mapping data means that the system knows when a new speed limit is coming up and can warn you of this. With Transport for London hoping to reduce the speed limit in the city’s busiest roads to just 20mph, it is thought that this technology could help to ensure that drivers stick to this lower limit.

Do you like the sound of getting your speed automatically limited?

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