The GPS Golf Guru 4 GPS does everything except make the tea

Posted on Jun 23 2009 - 8:45pm by Richard Sharp

As golf gadgets go the latest GPS Golf Guru 4 GPS has got to be one of those gadgets that most golfers would consider an object of desire. Golf gadgets are unfortunately pretty much ten a penny and most golfers are thoroughly bored with the endless useless ‘new’ idea to improve their game. The regular player’s golf trolley is now mostly bogged down with all the must have gadgets that end up being dragged around for the ride and not much else.

The GPS Golf Guru 4 GPS is something else entirely, yes it is true that it is a GPS similar to others on the market, but this is all singing and all dancing in fact you have to ask yourself, why didn’t someone think of all these extras before? For a start the GPS Golf Guru 4 GPS has a much bigger screen and at 3.5” it makes this GPS much easier to read than most of the competitors out there. The larger screen allows for a better display of the full colour golf maps, with aerial view and a distance tool that provides useful information on the distance to hazards and of course that all important pin! Golfers are able to calculate easily distance to different points on the course and also will allow for the best selection of club to play the hole. There is the ability to listen to music, view pictures and an auto mode that allows for all the vital information to be displayed without having to use the touchscreen during a round.

The GPS Golf Guru 4 GPS provides access to a huge database of golf courses totalling in excess of 20,000 as well as the option to download vital information entered during play to determine how improvement can be made or alternatively have been made. There is one application that is felt to be completely unnecessary, this is the option to view movies on the GPS Golf Guru 4 GPS – let’s face it not many golfers would have the time to watch a movie whilst on the golf course without of course upsetting the other players! The GPS Golf Guru 4 GPS is priced at around the £220 to £250 range, which for such a great golf gadget is cheap at half the price.

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