The Helicopter You Can Fold and Store in Your Pocket

Posted on Sep 19 2013 - 10:43am by Thomas Sharp

The great thing about tiny gadgets is that you can take them anywhere and use them to  impress people, cause mayhem or simply feel smug knowing that you have a cool piece of technology with you which no one see. However, have you ever seriously considered the possibility of slipping a remote-controlled helicopter into your pocket?

One of the great things about the Mini 3.5 CH Folding Ultralight Infrared TC Helicopter from Docooler is that it folds up and can be stored inside its own controller. This means that it is easy to carry about with you and whip out on those occasions when a tiny remote control helicopter is exactly what you need. It can be used indoors and outdoors and its range of functions include performing a 360 degree turn as well as moving in all the ways you would expect to be able to move a helicopter.

Nice and Stable

heliIt uses 4 AA batteries and probably the biggest drawback is that it takes around 40 minutes of charging time via USB cable to give you between 6 and 8 minutes of flying fun. The built in gyro is intended to keep it nice and stable and stop you from crashing it too often. However, it comes with 3 spare rotors in the case that you end up losing control of it and crashing at some point. This mini helicopter can fly in a 33 foot radius and costs $40, which is about £25.


Can you imagine using a toy helicopter like this?

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