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Posted on Apr 22 2009 - 8:18pm by Richard Sharp

Are you about to decorate and want to get rid of the bulky hi-fi system that has been a dust gatherer for the last ten years? Are you thinking you would like a hi-fi system that is minimal and less intrusive? Are you looking to be able to listen to your music no matter where you are in the house? Then you need the latest in wireless digital music system the Sonos.

The Sonos is the ultimate in home entertainment as it allows you to listen to your music in any room that you place the ZonePlayers, so it could be in your bedrooms, dining room, kitchen, study or even your bathroom. The Sonos offers the ultimate in multi-room flexibility, it will allow you to playback music content from your computer, iPod or even CD player when ever you like wherever you like. The Sonos will even allow you access free radio content on the internet and playback whenever you like by adding to your favourites list.

The Sonos uses a special mesh wireless system called SonosNet which allows for perfectly synchronized superior sound quality without delays or echoes in every room. Sonos is also simple to set up and expand as required, no need to have a special engineer to call out to set up, no expensive unsightly cabling. All that is required is high speed internet, a router the required number of zone players and controllers – and you are away.

The Sonos can be purchased in a bundle so that you have sufficient equipment to set up in two rooms, just expand as you require. You can purchase extra individual units and controllers as required. Further benefits of purchasing this system if you are an iPod user, is that you can download a special App that will enable your iPod to act as an extra controller.

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