The Hydration Pen shows if you are dehydrated

Posted on Jul 4 2011 - 2:14pm by Robert

A new device called the ‘Hydration Pen’ has recently surfaced online and we know that it is the first time you’ve seen or heard of such a device.

The Hydration Pen is a concept from designer Kristian Williams, that measures the body’s fat content, calculate hydration levels and indicate if its time for you to drink something. Sadly, we should not mistake it for a pen that dispenses water to drink, though I think it’ll be a cool feature.

It is a pretty cool concept and is useful if you’re the type to wait for your body to send a message to your brain that says “yeah, you’re thirsty, dude,” which often comes late. The pen gets information from the person’s body and communicates as it needs, so people with the said problem can make use of this device to get informed right away.

Studies have showed that when children become aware of their thirst, 10 percent of their concentration have been lost. And since concentration is needed to learn, being hydrated is very important. Further studies show that teens aged 15 to 18 years do not understand the importance of staying hydrated.

The pen features an injection molded center, which contains a circuit board that measures the user’s BMI. By grasping both ends of the pen, electrical pulses travel and as the body dehydrates, its fat content lowers and the monitor measures that. The pen is powered by AAA-sized batteries to show the results by flashing red (dehydrated) or green (hydrated) lights.

Do people need a device like this or should they just trust their own bodies?

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