The Inconvenience Of Memory Sticks

Posted on Sep 10 2008 - 1:36am by Richard Sharp

MoD Flash Drives?Stories of government and MoD data loss aren’t exactly difficult to find. It seems that there’s more classified USB memory sticks circulating in the general population than there are within the MoD, who have reported that one such memory stick found on the floor a club in Newquay is being forensically tested. A full investigation into the matter is underway – which raises a question, do you think they have a special and now rather large and overworked team that deals specifically with investigating the “loss” of USB data sticks?

There was a reasonable chance that one would turn up in a nightclub considering that more than 120 have gone missing from the Ministry of Defence since just 2004. This particular memory stick was found in May in a club called The Beach in Newquay. It held information regarding the training movements of more than 70 soldiers as well as numerous other files.

Memory sticks, while offering convenience to the rest of the nation, seems to offer the complete opposite to government officials. A number of departments have had to announce the rather embarrassing loss of a lot of different memory sticks holding personal information of particular groups of people – soldiers and prisoners being the preferred groups.

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