The Intelligent Wine Cooler

Posted on Aug 4 2008 - 3:36pm by Richard Sharp

Intelligent Wine CoolerYou’ve got to either really love your wine, or simply have to have every conceivable digital gadget on the market, to want a device that will precisely cool any bottle to the perfect temperature dependent on the type of wine. Well, if you fall into either of the above categories, then you’ll be pleased to hear that IWOOT has just that very product at a not entirely unreasonable £69.95(!).

The Intelligent Wine Cooler negates the need to alter the fridge settings just to get one bottle of wine to the right temperature. It also assists those of us that don’t have the first idea of what the correct temperature for a bottle of wine is. As well as being a rather impressive looking cooler it also has an LCD display with a database of 30 of the more common varieties of wine including their ideal serving temperature.

Basically, you slap your bottle of Lambrini into the gadget, use the buttons next to the backlit screen and either select the type of wine you want or enter your own temperature settings. The cooler, which includes a cooling/warming collar, will then do the rest of the work for you.

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