The iPad 2 rumoured to have a 1.2GHx dual core processor and a 9 Feb Launch Date

Posted on Feb 1 2011 - 9:58pm by Richard Sharp

With the launch of Apple’s iPad 2 expected to come in the next month or so a new piece of information suggests that the tablet is going to have a 1.2GHz dual core processor packed into it.

Of course, we have been hearing about rumoured features of the latest generation of the iPad for a while, and this current comes from a Concord Securities analyst who states that the official specification show the details of the processor and a 9th of February release date. The rogue analyst goes on to say that the iPad 2 will have 512MB of RAM but that it won’t have a HD display.

The rumour about the processor makes it sound as though the latest Apple device will be able to out muscle the recently launched Android driven Motorola Xoom, although the battery life would be presumably be hit by having a more powerful processor on board. 

Other snippets of gossip recently have suggested that the device will have near field communication and quadruple resolution on it. It is unlikely that all of rumours will be true so we will just to wait and see the full list of features once it is actually publicly unveiled.

Speaking of the unveiling, we have seen various dates flung about and while the 9th of February seems excitingly close there is still no official word from Apple to make us believe that this will be the big day when the doubts are finally dispelled. However, most talk so far has been of a February or March launch and an April “in store” release so it could make sense.   

Will the 9th of February be the big day, and how many of the recent rumours about the iPad 2 will prove to be true?

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