The iRoll phone concept takes mobile phones to another level

Posted on Jul 4 2011 - 8:09pm by Julius

In the old days, messages from royal courts were sent and delivered to other kingdoms or places through scrolls. Over time, communication technologies have evolved immensely, but principles behind some of modern designs still follow the old ones. Sudhanwa Chavan, a designer from India, created a “space saving roll-up” mobile phone concept called the i Roll. The i Roll is an innovative mobile phone design that will sure make waves in the world, today.

The i Roll is a tad bigger than a pen. It is designed to make mobile phones be rolled up neatly. This device can also be carried just like an ordinary pen in your pocket or bag, as the device does not take too much space.

The device’s users will also be able to receive and make call from their friends through a flexible headset. The device features a retractable OLED touchscreen (think Sony’s foldable LED screen) that provides all the phone’s functionality, and when it is not in use, it will remain inside a central column. The casing is also made up of an LED surface that will display if there’s an incoming phone call, message or email. The column is also said to change colors to indicate the status of the device’s battery.

The i Roll will also feature a rotating camera that will be reconfigured to be compatible with 3G.

Do you think this is a cool concept for a mobile phone?

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