The KeyPad Pen

Posted on Sep 10 2008 - 1:46am by Richard Sharp

KeyPad PenHow often have you been sat at work writing in your daily planner when you remember that you haven’t done your morning’s brain training? Yep, it happens to us all the time too and bran training is like medication; you really shouldn’t miss it so you probably nip to a handy cubicle and ready yourself for a tough mental workout.

Or maybe you use a touch screen tablet or PDA but the closest thing you have to a stylus is your half chewed soggy Bic biro that’s just about ready to release it’s inky load; not the ideas stylus implement to use on any touch screen. Well, now, you can kill two birds with one stone by getting the KeyPad Pen that is according to the marketing text a “handsome writing device” but also doubles up as a stylus.

One end replaces your soggy biro and the other end is a conveniently located stylus. It won’t help you remember your brain training but it will help out in other ways. Just remember that it comes with two ends and, therefore, two other ends; neither of which should be considered chewable.

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