The KFC Tray Typer Is Genius for Chicken Loving Gadget Fans

Posted on May 23 2015 - 12:23am by Robert

If there is one modern problem that gets us all upset it is that of eating some lovely fast food chicken and wondering how to use our phone at the same time.

Well, if napkins don’t get your fingers clean enough to type on your mobile then maybe you need the Tray Typer. The what? You heard right; the Tray Typer from KFC.

This is part of a German advertising campaign from Colonel Sanders’ restaurant chain and it is pretty clever. You see, if you have a giant chicken wing in your hand and your phone rings you no longer need to worry about whether you will cover the screen in grease by answering the call.

It Can Be Cleaned and Re-Used


This is because the KFC Tray Typer has a slim built in Bluetooth keyboard that you can use even while your fingers are in need of a seriously good licking. This comes in places of the usual paper liner on the food tray and can be re-used once the grease and ketchup is wiped off it.

The keyboard brought out by Serviceplan and they say that it was so popular that every one of them was taken home by customers in the first week.

Last year in Japan KFC went even further and brought out what we can only call a chicken fried keyboard. This was a keyboard, a mouse and a USB stick all in the shape of pieces of fried chicken. It isn’t known whether anyone accidentally ate one of them as part of a giant chicken binge.

Do you think that fast food chains should make things like this available all the time?

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