The Latest on the New iPhone 6S and iPad Pro

Posted on Sep 17 2015 - 2:59pm by Robert

These are happy days for Apple fans, as the technology giant has released details of some exciting new gadgets like the iPhone 6S and iPad Pro recently.

The brand new gadgets were revealed to the world at an Apple launch in San Francisco on the 9th of September, when updates to Apple TV were also notified.

Tim Cook is the Apple CEO and he pointed out the iPhone is the most popular brand of phone on the planet. One of the changes that they hope will let them keep this crown is called 3D Touch. This is a cool new way of interacting with the iPhone 6S. Basically, it works out what you want to do by seeing how hard you press the screen and for how long. This allows the user a lot more control over their phone.

The new camera that has been added to the iPhone 6S is also pretty exciting. It has 12MP and 4K video shooting capability. In the UK, the iPhone 6S has a price tag of £539 for the model with 16GB of internal space. The 64GB version will cost you £619 and the one with 128GB £699. A 25th of September release date has been set, while pre-orders are now being taken.


The New iPad Plus

As for the newest model of iPad, this is a bigger model than before and could be just what Apple needs to boost falling sales of their tablet.

The iPad Plus has a 19.2 inch screen, which is 32.8 cm. Apple also pointed out that the power of this new iPad compares well against many of the laptops sold in the last few months.

According to Apple, the new iPad is perfect for flexible working, for games and for drawing and designing. This last point is due to the fact that there is an optional stylus called the Apple Pencil. This costs $99. There is also an optional magnetically connected keyboard.

The release date for the iPad Pro in the UK is November. We don’t yet know the UK prices but the US cost for the 32GB model is $799 and the 128GB model comes in at $1,079.

Are you more tempted by an iPhone 6S or an iPad Plus?


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