The Media Player Bracelet

Posted on Aug 25 2008 - 3:21am by Richard Sharp

Bracelet Media PlayerIf you didn’t know that it was a media player bracelet, then it wouldn’t look particularly cool but now that we’ve told you that’s what it is it should have taken on an entirely new light. The concept of the thing works entirely because it utilises e-paper which is an ultra thin method of displaying multimedia content and can be wrapped around the wrist like and bracelet and then unwrapped again when you want to watch Eastenders.

Design wise it doesn’t look that great and it brings to mind an old camera film reel, for some reason, but in all honesty it’s only likely to come into its own when used as an item of gadget jewellery of which there are scant few options available. It certainly out techs the magnetic, health improving, soul saving bracelets that realistically probably don’t do anything.

Obviously, this is still in the conceptual stage and, as such, there’s not many details such as price but we’re willing to wager a small fortune that that’s how much you’ll have to pay for one. If it ever makes it into full production and retail we don’t, unfortunately, see this version selling too many units but in a couple of generations you never know.

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