The Millennium Falcon Manual: a must have for Star Wars fans

Posted on Jul 15 2011 - 3:38pm by Thomas Sharp

Haynes, creator of detailed technical books for cars and other kinds of vehicles, published a manual for Apollo 11 and other 60s Apollo mission space crafts a few years back. The owner’s manual became a humorous gift for enthusiasts and also provided those engineering-inclined people a glimpse into the technical aspects of the ships.

Now, they are releasing a manual for the modified YT-1300 Corellian Freighters, which is the build for the famous Millennium Falcon from the Star Wars franchise. By reading the Millennium Falcon Owner’s Workshop Manual, people will now know everything about the popular space ship, including tips on how to repair it.

The book was written by Ryder Windham, who has written around 50 Star Wars books, and illustrations were provided by Chris Reiff and Chris Trevas.

According to the Haynes catalog, “The Millennium Falcon gets the ‘Haynes’ treatment! This is a ‘Haynes Manual’ based on the Millennium Falcon, the iconic spaceship piloted by Han Solo and Chewbacca in the original trilogy of ‘Star Wars’ films. Using brand-new, full-colour cutaways, together with other art and photographs, this manual provides the most thorough technical description of the Millennium Falcon available, making it essential reading for all ‘Star Wars’ fans.”

The contents of the book includes: History of Corellian Engineering, Millennium Falcon’s operational history; Engineering systems and sensors; crew facilities; piloting, propulsion and weapons systems; and flight notes.

The awesome Millennium Falcon Manual is said to go on sale in November, with a price tag of £14.99.



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