The Most Interesting Apple Gadgets from CU Exposed

Posted on Sep 29 2010 - 2:42pm by Richard Sharp

I attended the 2010 Computers Unlimited expo yesterday, a tradeshow purely for third party manufacturers that design products for use with Apple Macs, iPods and the iPad. The show was a fantastic blend of hardware, software and peripherals. In all there were 45 brands at the show, all showcasing something new and exciting. Over the next few days I am going to write some in depth reviews, for now I thought I’d show you some of the more interesting and unusual products from the show.


On the journey into London I actually felt pretty vulnerable carrying all my tech under my arm on the tube. With this beautiful case I wouldn’t have needed to worry as it makes an iPad or laptop look like a retro book. Very cool indeed.


This carbon fiber-esk portfolio case looks the bee’s knees; it also has multiple slots for positioning the iPad screen. The design quality is outstanding and I desperately want one of my very own. This is what Apple should have made to accompany the iPad.

Agent 18 heart vest

The show was full of quirky cases but this agent 18 case called the ‘heart vest’ was perhaps one of the most eye catching. Stay tuned for a full review and give away later on in the week.

Moshi Moshi

Moshi Moshi was showcasing a brand new range of handsets that turn your iPhone into a desktop phone. They were showing off a few of the new models including a retro Bakelite handset that plugs in via a 3.5mm jack. This model seemed a bit of a gimmick where as the French designed Moshi Moshi 03 is genuinely useful, it connects to your phone via Bluetooth and works just like your normal house phone, it looks chic too.

V-Moda Crossfade LP

I was stood listening to the rep from V-Moda talking to a DJ about these, the DJ was so excited that I knew the Cross fade’s must have been good. Then I had a listen and all was confirmed, an awesome sound and they look very good. Just shows what seven years of development can do.


This is one gadget that could have very easily been overlooked by many gadget writers but I loved it. It is made of chunky aluminum with a soft tip for precise drawing and function on your iPad.

Blue mic – Mikey

Blue mic had a variety of cool microphones on display at CU exposed and the reason that this little Mikey model got my interest is that this is the only one in the country. It plugs directly into the bottom of the iPhone or iPod so you can clearly record sound in the largest of rooms.

Intelligent touch i360 iPad Stand

The guys at intelligent touch were showcasing their prototype iPad stand that tilts, rotates and swivels 360 degrees. The flaw with many stands it that they are difficult to maneuver into the desired position; this stand has solved this issue. I could easily move the stand into a variety of positions with just one hand; the product is so good that Apple has decided to make it an approved accessory. The i360 offers hot swappable holders for future iPad.

Libratone Wireless speaker

In my opinion a gadget needs to look cool even before you know what it does. The Libratone Beat speaker does just that with its triangular shape and functional handle. I had the opportunity to listen to and experience what Libratone describe as the world’s first high end wireless speaker. I was in a crowded room listening to a variety of tracks and have to say it sounded great and looked amazing.

There was a lot more on offer and will include more of the hot gadgets from CU exposed over the nest few days.

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