The Most Ridiculously Priced PC… Ever

Posted on Sep 2 2008 - 1:44am by Richard Sharp

The Great White Gaming PC - How Much?It seems that when it comes to completely ludicrous, off the wall, over the top gaming PCs we Brits pretty much have the whole market wrapped up with a single machine – the Scan 3XS Great White gaming rig that admittedly offers some major clout by any standards, but at £11,000 it’s just plain daft and it’s going to take some serious cycling to finish enough paper rounds to afford it any time soon.

Bearing in mind how quickly the average PC (we’re not claiming for one second that this is an average PC mind) goes becomes outdated £11k must seem extreme by any measurable standard. And it seems that Scan’s solution is to pack it with as many hard drives and solid state drives as it can find.

The 4.4GHz Core 2 Quad Q9650 is a fairly commonplace CPU in gaming computers, although it is a good one and it is being over-clocked to squeeze a couple of hundred extra Mhz. It has three 1GB graphics cards because you know that one is never enough and it also features three 1TB hard drives as well as two 64GB solid state drives. 2GB of RAM may not sound that much but to be fair it is DDR3 so actually pretty impressive and you could host your own Pink Floyd light show with the number of LCD based accoutrements on the unit.

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