The Moving Speaker Inspired by Leonardo da Vinci

Posted on May 20 2014 - 2:30pm by Paul

Any speaker inspired by Leonardo da Vinci has got to be worth taking a look at, hasn’t it?

In this case, the Vitruvio speaker has been designed by Giorgio Bonagruo and Juan Soriano Blanco. It is based on the famous Vitruvian Man drawing by the artist. The iconic image of a spread-eagled man established the proportions of the male body and was the most anatomically correct drawing of its time.

So what’s the speaker all about? Well, the Vitruvian element supposedly comes in with the use of exact proportions that brings da Vinci’s drawing to mind. Actually, it looks kind of like the inside of a speaker suspended in a wooden frame, which is what is really is, we guess. The frame can also be made of metal, if requested.

Watch it Make While You Listen


One of the smart things about the Vitruvio speaker is that you can see how the sound coming out of it makes it move about. This happens because the spherical speaker is connected to the corners of the wooden frame using rubber wires. This means that it can move around as the music pours out. The designers describe this letting the listener see the movement of sound as well as listen to it.

It includes a basic input socket that allows the use to attach just about any type of device to it. However, at the moment the speaker is still at the concept stage and will be getting shown to the world at a design show in New York before too long.

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