The New CherryPal C100 Cloud Desktop Computer

Posted on Jul 27 2008 - 12:14am by Richard Sharp

CherryPal C100 Cloud Desktop ComputerThe CherryPal C100 isn’t just a darn cheap desktop costing just $250 (£125) it’s also being pushed as a cloud desktop computer because rather than having all the necessary software stored on the computer itself, it is stored (in the clouds) an an online server that is automatically accessed whenever the computer turns on. This unique online environment potentially offers a number of excellent benefits, although does require an Internet connection to even use the PC.

The cloud computer could offer increased security. There should never be any need to download and install software, and pretty much everything is stored online. This means that hackers and malware authors cannot easily gain access to your computer and, even if they can, there’s nothing for them to find.

Because all of the operating system and other software is stored online and not on the hard drive, this could do away with log on issues, installation problems, and general software problems.

The biggest potential drawback we can see is Internet connection reliability. A poor connection would mean poor performance of the software while any Internet downtime would basically make the computer inaccessible. Perhaps in countries where a reliable network is achievable it might work, but I think the technology would be a struggle here in the UK.

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