The New Nikon D700

Posted on Jul 2 2008 - 9:53pm by Richard Sharp

Nikon D700 DSLRThe Digital SLR camera is an odd, middle of the round kind of market, but it’s one that Nikon has pretty much got in the bag. After a solid year last year, releasing high end and budget cameras, it is set to release a mid range (if you can really call a £1,999 price tag, mid range) D700 camera at the end of this month.

That’s not to say that it doesn’t offer great value for money, because it includes many of the features that you would normally only find on its vastly more expensive older brothers and sisters. It also contains many of the amateur features that you find on the D300, which was designed with amateurs in mind, except that it also includes the FX sensor and associated picture quality.

The 12.1 megapixel camera has some superb features including lightning fast times. Startup speed is only marginally more than one tenth of a second while shutter lag is an impressive 40 ms. 5 frames auto shutter speed can be achieved when employing the included rechargeable battery, but this can be boosted to 8 frames per second with AA sized batteries, or an improved rechargeable battery pack.

Auto exposure, auto white balance, and auto focus are all improved by the innovative Scene Recognition System. If you want to delve beyond the world of auto settings then the D700 also has a startling array of intuitive settings that you can meddle with until your heart’s content.

The stand out feature of the D700 though, like its more powerful and more pricey brother the Nikon D3, is the incredible picture quality offered by the FX sensor. If you’re serious about your photography and use your camera for a little more than holiday snaps, but you don’t want to pay the £3,500 and upwards of a professional level Nikon then the D700 is a very strong candidate to be your ideal choice.

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