The New Nvidia Gaming Tablet Streams Games over Wi-Fi

Posted on Jul 31 2014 - 9:21am by Robert

A new tablet from Nvidia has been launched, with the aim of enticing gamers to switch over to it.

The Shield Tablet is powered by Android and is an 8 inch gadget that is capable of streaming games from a PC. It is the second handheld device to be released by the company but the first one to be offered outside of North America.

The tablet can used to stream games from a PC equipped with an Nvidia graphic card over a home Wi-Fi system to the tablet and onto a TV screen. When games are played in this way they achieve a “near console” level of graphic quality.

The reason that games streamed in this way can’t quite reach the same level as those played on a PlayStation 4 or an Xbox One is that the graphics need to be compressed in order to send them to the tablet over Wi-Fi.

Wireless Controller Sold Separately


The UK price of the Nvidia Shield Tablet is £229 for the 16GB version and £299 for the 32GB model with an extra 4G chip. In addition, there is a wireless controller that is sold separately for £50. The fact that it uses Wi-Fi instead of Bluetooth is said to ensure that there is less delay in the game responding when a button is pressed.

Several of the controllers can be used at the same time, which allows for multiplayer games to be played on it. Right now the controller only works with this tablet and there is no word as of yet as to whether it will work with other gadgets or gaming devices in the future. Other features include a stylus and Nvidia’s paint software.

Would you like to give the Shield tablet a try?

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