The New Vintage Electric E-Bike

Posted on Dec 11 2015 - 7:25pm by Robert

E-bikes have caused quite a stir in recent years, as they give us a powerful and efficient way of getting around this is also environmentally friendly and – hey – a lot of fun too.

One of the companies that have produced some of the most interesting models is called Vintage Electric. As their name suggests, they combine the modern versatility of electric bikes with an old-fashioned look.

The 2016 Model


A couple of years after bringing out their first models, the company is back with its 2016 model, called Vintage Electric Tracker. As well as being fantastically nostalgic to look at, this e-bike also has some notable improvements over previous efforts from Vintage Electric.

For a start, it is said to be 15% more efficient than the previous Tracker bike launched last year. Among the other figures that stand out is the 20% greater torque. The bigger battery on this model gives you 35 miles of travel before it needs to be recharged.

Looks wise, some of the little touches that add to the style include stainless steel details and pewter badging.

While this Vintage Electric e-bike offers a cool and green way of getting around, it will make a fairly substantial dent in your wallet. The starting price is $4,995 (£3,300) for the basic model. On top of that price you will also need to add in the cost of the custom colour options and any extras you want.

Would you like to give an e-bike a try or do you prefer to get around by pedal power?

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