The Nipper is a Tiny Phone Charger

Posted on Aug 21 2015 - 5:04pm by Robert

When it comes to your smartphone charger, the smaller the better really. This means that the brand new device called The Nipper is likely to be welcomed by many gadget fans.

In fact, this has been described as the smallest phone charger ever made, which is a pretty bold claim to fame. The device has been funded through a Kickstarter campaign that has already reached its funding target of £6,000.

The Nipper comes in at a tiny 17mm x 17mm x 17mm, making it small enough for you to be able to slip it easily onto your key ring if you like. To use it you then need to unfold the little box and pop in a couple of AA batteries. You can then plug it right in to the charging port of your phone.

The charger also has a microUSB connector on it that allows it to be connected to any Android, Blackberry or Windows Phone mobile. Reports suggest that it will be adapted for Apple mobile devices before too long.

Limited Charging Power


So how much juice can this dinky little charger give your phone? As you would expect, it doesn’t give a huge amount of power but it could be extremely useful in rescuing you in an emergency. Tests show that a HTC One M7 gets boosted by 10% in half an hour and by 20% in an hour.

The relatively limited amount of power it offers possibly means that The Nipper will be best suited to people with older devices, which can be charged more easily using it. More modern phones and tablets are harder to charge using this device, although it could still save you from ending up without power on your travels.

The first models are said to be due to be delivered halfway through 2016.

Do you think that mini chargers like this are worth using?


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