The Orbit mount: a swiveling iPhone suction stand

Posted on Aug 8 2011 - 5:41pm by Robert

We have featured a number of iPhone add-ons, but the most creative will always come from certain individuals, who unfortunately, don’t always have the financial backing of a big company.

A new project has appeared on KickStarter called the Orbit, which was designed by San Francisco Bay designers Joe Molinari and Jon Norton. It is a simple device that enables users to make the most of their smartphones, including Apple’s iPhone and iPod Touch, by giving users the ability to stick their devices anywhere, leaving their hands free to do anything more productive.

The Orbit mount gives the users a third hand, according to its product description. With two suction cups that swivel around a ball joint, the add-on securely mounts the mobile device to any surface. I mean almost any surface. The Orbit includes polycarbonate discs that can hold on to non-glass surfaces, enabling users to mount their devices to a wood surface, painted wall, their car’s dashboard or anywhere they can think of.

The Orbit also has a removable suction cup that reveals a standard tripod insert, which enables users to mount the add-on to any tripod. The ball joint also allows them to freely move their smartphones to the perfect angle without having to fumble with its adjustments.

There are currently 46 backers who pledged $2,200 of the $25,000 goal. The designers said that they need to invest on tools “involved to inject mold the polymer ball and sockets, as well as the custom designed suction cups.”

The Orbit will be sold for £13 ($19.95), but before it goes into production, you can order it for around £9 ($12). Check out its KickStarter page for more information.

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