The Ostoure Motorbike Based On Persian Designs

Posted on Aug 19 2010 - 9:32am by Matt Jackson

It doesn’t quite look finished and from some angles it looks quite mystifying as to which way you’re supposed to sit but one thing’s for sure, the Ostoure concept motorbike is definitely groundbreaking and is quite breathtaking in its own way. Oh, and apparently, it’s also based on ancient Persian carvings – we didn’t know they had motorbikes in ancient Persian times either so you live and learn. As well as the obvious design features, the Ostoure also has some nice technology thrown in for good measure.

Two-wheel drive and an in helmet heads-up-display are some of the impressive features of the bike, which is only alive as a rendering at the moment, but while these elements sound impressively 21st century the hub steering that it relies on has been tried before. Single sock suspension is found on the front and the back of the bike and it has a small front radiator as well as a couple of support radiators on the sides.

The helmet is worth note in its own right. As well as the heads-up-display (three words that combine to sound incredible, futuristic, and beautiful all in one go) it will also have built in speakers and a bluetooth connection to the bike itself. The controls for the helmet are found on the hand grips that will be used to control the hub steering type arrangement.

The bike that looks like somebody’s remove the front end is really only a concept and may not necessarily go into production any time soon. It is the work of Iranian designer Mohammad Reza Shojaie and it has caused something of a stir. In fact it’s even gained the designer acceptance in to the Istituto Europeo di Design in Italy.

Would you buy the Ostoure if it were put into production?

Does it look like the handlebars have been removed or is it just me?

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