The Outdoor Toy Company brings The-Swing in the UK

Posted on Jul 8 2011 - 3:17pm by Robert

The Outdoor Toy Company has announced today that ‘The-Swing,’ a multi-award winning line of swings used for homes and gardens, is now available in the UK. The product has a variety of swings to choose from: Multi-Child Swings, which can carry up to 10 children simultaneously; Lifestyle Swings, which features ergonomically designed swings that provide relaxation and can be an alternative to sofas; and Therapy Swings, which is developed for rehabilitation and pain relief.

The-Swing is made and designed in Munich, Germany by a company called die-schaukel, which translates into English as “The-Swing.” The company’s motto is “swinging brings joy,” which does not only apply to children but to adults as well. The company said that swinging helps us relax by stimulating out senses. Swinging is also said to produce serotonin, more commonly known as the “happiness hormone.”

Now available in the UK market, The-Swing is suitable for both children and adults. You can use it as a hammock, a playplace for kids, or as a tool for your well-being.

The Outdoor Company’s Paul Jameson said, “There are many emotional and physical benefits associated with swinging whether it is to help a child from as early as six months with eye development, focus, coordination and balance, or whether it is to increase concentration, ease neck and back pain, help with meditation, burn calories or engage muscle groups in adults, swinging really can be beneficial for anyone.”

The-Swing can be attached to a standard swing frame, or you can order the special mounting frame that can be easily assembled and disassembled.

You can visit The Outdoor Toy Company’s website for more information.

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