The Philips Eco TV

Posted on Jun 1 2008 - 3:54pm by Richard Sharp

Philips Eco TVIn a continued bid to bring you details of the latest green, eco-gadgets, this has to be the ultimate. Forget your wind up DAB radios and your shake torches and can crushers, the Philips Eco TV is the swingers. You don’t have to shake it to use it and it isn’t powered via solar panels on the back of the unit. However, it does cut energy consumption massively when compared to a standard LCD TV.

The Philips Eco TV doesn’t sacrifice in quality, either. The 42 inch HD display shows crisp images and using one of the eco features will actually improve the display even further in dim lighting sequences.

There’s a whole host of different energy saving features and when they’re all implemented and being used, the Eco TV will use just 75W of power (that’s less than some of the bulbs in the average home). Even the standby is designed to consume less energy than other devices and to cap it all off, Philips uses lead free materials and delivers it in a recycled box.

Considering the energy saving features, a price of £1,000 really isn’t that expensive for a 42” LCD TV. Especially, one made by Philips and you’ll be able to watch TV in the knowledge that you’re doing your bit.

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  1. Minas June 4, 2008 at 8:19 am - Reply

    Considering the price and the features offered Philips Eco TV seems a worthy purchase.

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