The Phone That Takes 2 Picture at Once and Looks You in the Eyes

Posted on Mar 28 2013 - 9:54pm by Robert

Just when you thought that there were no more new features which could be added to smartphones along comes the Samsung Galaxy S4.

This phone has an impressively big 5 inch screen with 441 pixels per inch but that isn’t what we are interested in looking at today. The new device is a successor to the hugely popular S3, which sold more than 40 units all over the planet. In fact, this phone has been described as the biggest threat to Apple’s control of the mobile phone market.

The S4 was launched in a blaze of glory at a presentation in New York and two interesting features immediately jumped out at us.

2 Photos Combined into 1

s4First of all, it can take 2 pictures at the same time. Of different things.  It uses the front and rear cameras to take a couple of pictures which are then combined so that the person taking it appears in the scene they are taking a picture of.

Another feature which you are likely to hear a lot of is the fact that it can be controlled by your eyes. If you are watching a video and look away you will pause it, using the Smart Pause function. The Smart Scroll feature uses the movements of the eyes and wrists of the owner to scroll smartly through emails and such like.

The S4 will get be available in 155 countries, which makes us wonder which places will be unlucky enough not to be on the list. Globally there are 327 operators going to take it on and in the UK the networks will be Orange, Vodafone, Three, T-Mobile and EE.

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