The Pizza Cutting Mouse from Mars

Posted on Jun 6 2013 - 9:15am by Thomas Sharp

What kind of mouse will you be using in the future? If you are still using one which looks like it belongs in the last century then you might just be tempted to upgrade to the swish looking new mouse from Asus.

It is called VivoMouse and it looks very futuristic; like the kind of mouse you would see someone using in sci-fi movie and which would have you saying. “Yeah right, those things will never exist”. So what is all about?

A Mouse and Touchpad Hybrid with no Buttons

vivoWell, it is wireless and it is also described as being the world’s first ever hybrid between a mouse and a touchpad. Some people have pointed out already that it looks like a pizza cutter from Mars, which isn’t really a bad thing, is it?  Even if you can’t use it to slice up your Cheese and Pineapple family size one thing you can do is use it as a handheld remote control, using your thumb to control it. You can scroll through pages on the screen by holding the VivoMouse in the air and stroking the part at the bottom of the trackpad. It also lights up blue underneath as you use it.

There are no buttons on it but it is believed that we will be able to operate it in conventional mouse mode by clicking and tapping on the touchpad zone, which is the circular region in the centre. You will also be able to make gestures here and it will be interesting once we see the full range of controls and functions.

The price of this space age mouse hasn’t yet been revealed so keep your eyes peeled for that info in the weeks to come.

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